Highlighting the Crew

This summer the State of Alaska has become the only state in the nation to not fund a statewide arts council. It is with incredible sadness that I write that the Alaska State Council on the Arts no longer exists. Regretfully, our Governor does not agree that it is worthwhile to have less than one dollar per capita in the budget, even though that dollar is used to leverage seven more for our state economy. Economics aside, I believe that art builds community, enriches lives and serves a plethora of other needs. That is why my focus for this late summer studio missive is gratitude to the people around me, the people who love pottery and sculpture and support what I do by purchasing my work and sending me pictures of them in use; the people who participate in my firings, sometimes with their own work in the kiln, sometimes because they hope to learn something, and sometimes just because they care. Your smiling faces and love of life boost my spirit. Thank you for being here.

You’ve maybe noticed a few of those pictures are of someone named Marcee, and might be wondering what she does when she isn’t helping me. She takes her young grand daughter on lots of adventures, she has spent many summers assisting a whale researcher in Prince William Sound, she grows a garden and does carpentry. Marcee’s main job is her family business called Sailwood Adventures, a lovingly crafted get away across Kachemak Bay in Sadie Cove. Here’s the view out the window. Click on the picture to visit their website. She and her husband, Willie, will take you there, make sure you have everything you need, guide you if you want them to, or leave you there and pick you up days later. If you are looking for a place off the beaten track and want to be confident that you will have the support you need, give Marcee a call. She is one of the most generous, reliable and truly awesome people around.

View of Sadie Cove from La Caleta

Find me next summer at my Back Porch Gallery!

After 10 summers at Homer Clayworks on the Homer Spit, I’ve decided to open my studio gallery, The Back Porch Gallery, for regular hours next summer. I appreciate all the support I’ve received by people like you, and hope you will visit my studio gallery if you are in Homer during the summer! I will continue my Annual Winter Solstice event here at my studio- watch for that this year around December 14th. Year round, my pottery and sculpture are available at Bunnell Street Art Center in Homer’s Old Town, and always at my online shop! I’m working hard to increase my studio’s visibility on the internet. If you have been to my studio gallery before, would you consider writing a review on google for me? Click here for the link to that page.

Cynthia’s shelves at Clayworks June 2019

Other upcoming events this September are unfired clay drawing centered! One of my works has been accepted into “Drawn North”, an exhibit curated by Graham Dane to be shown at The International Gallery of Contemporary Art in downtown Anchorage for the month of September! If you are in Anchorage, I hope you’ll go see the show!

On Hesketh Island in Kachemak Bay, I’m honored to have been invited to teach a workshop during a retreat offered by Evie’s Brinery, Set the Net and The Guesthouse This group of three are gearing up right now, getting ready to host, feed and nurture their guests. My workshop will be using local clay to make unfired clay drawings. I’m excited to bring that in its raw state, along with rye grasses I’ll collect soon from near the beach, Also doing workshops are Homer Screen Print Artist Mandy Bernard, Homer Ceramic Artist Maygen Lotscher and Anchorage’s Fire Island Baker and Musician extraordinaire, Carlyle Watt.

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